After years and years, it is ready. You know it's not just simplicity. It is the reality of terror. We melt as you laugh in the distance. Crying, we die exploding into waves of neverending silliness; scathing, intruding, mind altering, weirdness.


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Face the plantain, or go to the corn store - Old UBZUB CD "Alien Manna For Sleeping Monkeys" Out On Electro Motive Records

Click HERE For Details.

Or click here for a realaudio sample of "Mammy Wammy 14.4" or click here for "Mammy Wammy 28.8"

UBZUB also appears on the "Eyesore: A Stab At The Residents" Compilation from Vaccination Records

The squirting impunities oozed out of the human purge canal, dried in the sun for a few days, and eventually formed UBZUB. "The coins were right", says the Paderborn News Herald. After slipping into post-insanity by mail, some idiot messed with -=*HTML*=- and I think the results could be disasterous. Corrections may be sent to: 2524 Eldorado, Houston Texas, 77056. In the event of an invalid correction, please refer to your manual for proper handling procedures.

If these demands meet your criterea, you may wish to study further into the substituted portions givin. Give in. Go with the flow, dont worry, be happy. Whatever you do, dont let the ultra-weirdness get under your skin. Remember those wise words of Al Stevenson, "There will be no nothing!"

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